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Evaluation and management 2023 updates

Evaluation and Management 2021 Updates  The E&M 2021 changes primarily focused on the documentation and coding guidelines for office and outpatient visits (commonly referred to as E&M codes 99202-99215).  The main goals of these changes were to reduce administrative burden, simplify documentation, and recognize the value of cognitive work performed by healthcare professionals. Key aspects of the E&M 2021 changes included The Elimination of history and physical examination requirements as key components for code selection. The E&M guidelines now allow providers to choose the level of service based on either Medical Decision Making (MDM) or Total time spent on the encounter.  While the documentation of the history and physical examination is still important for patient care, it is not required to determine the appropriate code level but it should be documented in the medical records. A Revised guidelines for code selection based on medical decision-making (MDM. The MDM no