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Pneumococcal Vaccine Claims Processing Updates April 2022

The Pneumococcal Vaccine CPT codes will be payable by Medicare. The new codes will be in the 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Database file update and the annual HCPCS update.  90677-  Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, 20 valent (PCV20), for intramuscular use. Which is effective for Dates of Service (DOS) on or after July 1, 2021 90671 - Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, 15 valent (PCV15), for intramuscular use Which is effective for DOS on or after July 16, 2021  The CPT 90677 does not apply for Coinsurance and deductible. A Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) will pay institutional providers for these codes based on the Type of Bill (TOB) used. The two payment methods are,        1. The Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) will pay these institutional providers using reasonable cost if you use the following, Hospitals (TOBs 12X and 13X) Skilled Nursing Facilities (TOBs 22X and 23X) Home Health Agencies (TOB 34X) Hospital-based Renal Dialysis Facilities (RDFS) (TOB 72X) Crit

Influenza Vaccines for Season 2021/2022