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Transitional Care Management Services

The CPT Codes 99495 and 99496 are used to report transitional care management services (TCM). These services are covered for a new patient or established patient and the code selection will be considered based on the MDM and the problems require either " Moderate Complexity or High Complexity". The TCM service is eligible who discharged from as mentioned below locations, Inpatient hospital setting (including acute hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, long-term acute care hospital). Partial hospital,  Observation status in a hospital,  Skilled nursing facility Nursing facility to the patient's community setting  H ome,  Domiciliary,  Rest home,  Assisted living.  Guidelines TCM is included in one face-to-face visit within the specified timeframes, in combination with non-face-to-face services that may be performed by the physician or other qualified health care professional. Only one individual may report these services and only once per patient within 30 days of discharge