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Home Monitoring PT INR Guidelines

The beneficiary requires chronic oral anticoagulation with warfarin for a mechanical heart valve, chronic atrial fibrillation, or venous thromboembolism inclusive of deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism on warfarin. The patient has been anticoagulated for at least three months prior to use of the home INR device and he/she undergone a face-to-face educational program on anticoagulation management and demonstrated the correct use of the device prior to its use in the home. The patient continues to correctly use the device in the context of the management of the anticoagulation therapy following initiation of home monitoring and home-testing with the device occurs no more frequently than once a week Managing Anticoagulation There are at least three strategies for managing warfarin anticoagulation, Physician office-based testing and management Anticoagulation clinics Home PT/INR monitoring with patient reporting or physician-directed self-management. Most patients being anticoagu