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WHO recently already released ICD 11th edition and will come into effect on Jan 01, 2022. Let’s all not come into panic mode and note that so far the USA is not sure about when they’ll be ready to implement ICD 11 so far, but still, we cannot say anything. Let’s see the Difference between the ICD 10 and the ICD 11 Coding systems. The ICD-11 MMS is the primary derivative of the Foundation Component, and that is commonly referred to and recognized as "ICD-11 MMS. The abbreviation is variously written with or without a hyphen between 11 and MMS.  MMS stands for Mortality and Morbidity Statistics. These codes are a minimum of 4 character codes in ICD 11 and 2 levels of subcategories. The chapter numbering of ICD 11 is Arabic numbers, not Roman numbers ICD 10 represents 14400 diagnosis but ICD 11 has 55,000 unique codes to represent the comprehensive list of diagnosis. Changing the number of items in the ICD is considered extremely useful because it allows researchers and health care o