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Home Health (HH) Billing Updates'2022

Correction to Home Health (HH) Billing for Denial Notices The implementation of the one-time home health Notice of Admission (NOA) in calendar year 2022, every claim for a home health period of care first required the submission of a Request for Anticipated Payment (RAP). Correction to the Calculation of 60-Day Gaps in Home Health Services A sequence of related home health periods of care is defined beginning with an admission to home health services and ending when there is a 60-day gap in home health services. This 60-day gap is used by Medicare systems for two purposes. It is used to validate whether a home health period of care is correctly coded as an early or later period. It is also used to identify early periods that should pay a Low Utilization Payment Adjustment (LUPA) add-on amount. Medicare administrative contractors recently identified a minor variance between the way the 60-day gap is counted and used for these two purposes. The requirements below revise the counting meth