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Telehealth Updates 2023

The CMS released new updates in January 2023 for the medicare fee schedule summary for telehealth services.  The updates are effective from January 1, 2023 and the implemented date is January 3, 2023.  The major changes are Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and mentioned following four category and every providers, coders and billing staff knows this guidelines and changes. Telehealth originating site facility fee payment amount Expansion of coverage for colorectal cancer screening Coverage of Audiology services Other covered services The Medicare will continue to pay the telehealth service payment at same rate in person outpatient fee rate through out end of the 2023, And there is no changes and or decrease the fee rate.  And also, the Medicare will continuously paying the audio visit service CPT code 99441, 99442 & 99443 at the same rate of outpatient established office rate for the length of service/time spends with the patient. For Medicare patients, the provider would continue

Fee Schedule Updates - 2022

The fee schedule is a complete listing of fees used by Medicare to pay doctors or other providers/suppliers. The CMS develops a fee schedules for following services, Physicians Services, Ambulance services, Clinical laboratory services,  Durable Medical Equipment Services, Prosthetics Services, Orthotics Services, Supplies Services. The Overall, neurosurgery will receive a 3.2% payment cut in 2022. The cut stems from a lower conversion factor from $34.89 in 2021 to $33.58 in 2022.  In the final rule CMS lowered the conversion factor (CF) from $34.89 in calendar year of 2021 to $33.59 for CY 2022, a decrease of $1.30 (-3.7%).  This is due in part to the expiration of the 3.75% payment increase provided for in Year of 2021 by the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 With the 2% Medicare sequester set to resume next year and additional Medicare payment cuts of up to 4% possible under pay-as-you-go rules to pay for the American Rescue Plan, providers could be facing up to 9% in payment

Update to Medicare Deductible, Coinsurance & Premium Rates - 2021

Medicare Deductible, Coinsurance  Rates'2021 The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued for the 2021 deductibles, coinsurance, and premium rates for beneficiaries covered through the Medicare fee for service program.  The 2021 deductible, coinsurance, and base premium rates are below and effective from 01/01/2021 2021 Part B - Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) Based on Part B, the Medicare Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) program, enrollees are subject to a monthly premium.  Most SMI services are subject to an annual deductible and coinsurance (percent of costs that the enrollee must pay), which are set by statute. Standard premium: $148.50 a month Deductible: $203.00 a year Pro-Rata  Data  Amount  $145.31  for  the  1st  month  $57.69  for  the  2nd  month Coinsurance: 20% 2021 Part A - Hospital insurance Deductible: $1,484.00 Coinsurance $371.00 a day for days 61 through 90 $742.00 a day for days 91 through150 (lifetime reserve days) $185.50 a day for